Saturday, August 11, 2012

Do you need an interpreter???

Have you seen how many books their are on Dream Interpretation? So so many. All trying to tell us what our dreams mean. Makes me think how do these authors know what I have been dreaming? How is it that they "know" what the symbolism is in My dream? I believe they can't and don't. It is My dream not theirs.

I would recommend you interpret your own dreams. Without a book how do you do this? By asking your dreams to explain themselves. By being open to receive this answer. It may not come in your next dream. It may not even come straight away. It may take years before you get the answers.

It has taken me years to get an answer as to what a certain type of dream I have had many many times is about. This dream has been set in many different and varying places. Yet it is always me doing a certain thing. I have pondered what this event has meant for so long. Then this evening the light has come on.

I have done my own interpreting. I believe with more help from my spirit guides than from myself. I believe they have shown me what this has meant.

Ask your spirit guides. Ask yourself what your dreams mean. You will know in your soul when you do what the answer is. 

Turning off the dreams.

Dreams. I have been having vivid dreams for as long as I can remember. Some have re-occuring things happen but in different places. Some mornings I wake more tired than when I went to sleep as I have been so active in the dreams.

Last 2 nights before I go to sleep now I have asked one of my spirit guides to appear in my dream and teach me what I need to know. Well thats not exactly what has happened. I have had two nights sleep with no remembered dreams at all. I have slept so deeply. I know my guide has answered me. He has turned off the dreams for a bit. Not in the way I thought but in the way I needed.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We ask and we get more than we desire...

Sometimes we get more than we desire. Sometimes our desires are not what we really need. Yesterday I saw a horse skin shamans drum for sale. This drum has been made with the with the most care and  respect for the horse that provided the skin. This drum spoke to me deeply. I wanted it so bad but could not afford it. The seller suggested I ask horse spirit for abundance to help me buy this drum. So off on a a wee journey I went. My spirit guides introduced me to a new guide. A 3 headed horse. Didn't that fellow show me an amazing ride and time. He has now joined the band of spirit guides I love and call friends.

The seller of the drum has just contacted me to say the drum has been sold. I know that this drum has gone to the right person at the right time. I also know that Spirit has rewarded me way more than I could ever have imagined with my new spirit guide.