Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some of my artwork....

After many years of not painting I have returned to it. I would like to thank my beautiful partner Jan for inspiring me to do this. You can see her art work @ Affective Impressions on Facebook....

So let me show you what I have been painting.

My latest. 1st one of the Four Elements "Fire Dancers"

My latest work in progress. "Totem"

"Life" We are all connected to everything. Life is a circle. We are made up from the 4 elements.

Sun and Moon. Dark and Light. Grandfather Sun & Grandmother Moon.

"Dawn - Outback"

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Reiki for Surgeries...

Taken from

Reiki for Surgeries

By Dr. Lourdes Gray
"There is a lot of confusion out there regarding how to administer Reiki to patients who will be undergoing surgery. Some Reiki Masters recommend treating only a specific part of the body, such as the shoulders. Others recommend treating the head in an effort to decrease the tension and anxiety related to the impending surgery. Although these partial treatments may offer some value, there is a specific protocol that was taught by Hawayo Takata, the woman who brought Reiki to the West, and by John Harvey Gray, who was the longest-practicing Reiki Master Teacher in the West, until his passing into spirit in January 2011. I would like to share this specific protocol with you.

Reiki Treatment Prior to Surgery

Administering Reiki prior to surgery can be helpful to the person (or animal) by preparing his or her mind/body for the procedure. Reiki works with the natural healing process of the body. Since Reiki is a balancing and harmonizing energy, it helps to release stress and tension and places the body in its optimal state for healing. Reiki is not just for physical healing. Reiki works at all levels ... physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The very first step is to get permission of the person who is undergoing or has undergone the surgery to treat him or her with Reiki. If the person's energy level is in the average or good range, you may give a complete Reiki session the same day or on the eve of the surgery, doing all three Reiki patterns (front of the torso; head, neck and shoulders; back of the torso, back of the knees and the plantar surface of the feet). Administer Reiki in each of the positions for two to three minutes each. However, if the person's energy level is low, then it would be more beneficial to him or her to receive a series of Reiki sessions prior to surgery. Start at least one week prior to surgery, giving daily sessions (same three patterns, 5 minutes per position). If you are a Reiki II Practitioner or above, you may use the mental/emotional symbol during the second pattern to give a mental treatment to the body ... readying it for the procedure. During the mental treatment, you may wish to do a visualization of the person having a successful surgery and healing very quickly. Remember that the mental/emotional symbol also activates a communication pathway that allows you to communicate with the person's Higher-Self (the body's healing process.)

Reiki Treatment Post Surgery

During surgery, you, as Reiki II level practitioners or above, can be giving the person or animal an absent treatment aka Reiki distance treatment. This can be very effective. I remember giving a relative of mine an absent treatment while she went into labor and I could feel each contraction. A Reiki absent treatment during the surgery itself will help to reduce stress levels and support the body's ability to undergo the procedure. It would also be a good idea to give a Reiki absent treatment to the surgical team. Give them a group absent treatment in the second pattern. You may do a mental/emotional treatment focusing on their being alert, focused, and calm ... while working efficiently.
After surgery, treat the patient with Reiki as you would an emergency treatment (injury). Go to the affected site ... the surgical incision, and deliver Reiki energy from above (3 to 5 inches above the body). Do not touch the incision. The area would be too tender and the weight of your hands would be too uncomfortable for the patient. Simply hover over the area. You will feel a great surge of energy flow there. Stay there until the flow decreases. The length of time will vary from case to case. On average, a good 30 minutes to one hour of Reiki would be helpful. After treating the incision, release the memory of the surgery from the body by treating the adrenal glands. Takata said, the adrenal glands hold the memory of an injury (or surgery) in the body. In order for the body to be able to heal better, one should release the cell memory of the procedure from the body. Treat the adrenal glands from the back (third pattern, top of positions 3 and 4). In most cases, the adrenal glands will absorb a good amount of energy when they are active. Most Reiki Practitioners experience a great deal of heat and tingling during the treatment; administer Reiki to the adrenal glands until your hands cool off. On average it takes 10 minutes for this to happen. If the person cannot lie down prone, you may treat the adrenal glands from the front of the body by placing your hands over the top of positions 1 and 2 of the first pattern. Since the energy has to travel through the body to reach the adrenal glands, on average, you will need to treat (from the front) for approximately 20 minutes.
You may also do the post surgery Reiki treatment absentee. Either way, it is helpful to use the mental/emotional symbol in the second pattern to communicate with the patient's body. Visualize the person or animal healing quickly and completely ... feeling strong, happy and healthy.

Reiki Treatments During the Period of Convalescence

For the first week or so following surgery, continue to administer Reiki treatments daily. Do either hands-on or absent treatments. Treat as you would a chronic condition, givingcomplete treatments. Concentrate more time over the area that had surgery (do not touch the body ... work from above). Remember to include mental/emotional treatments to support the body's healing process. Depending on how well the person is doing, you may gradually decrease the frequency of treatments ... for example, three treatments during the second week, two treatments the third week, etc. As always, we welcome questions. If you have a question or comment regarding this article, please go to our facebook page and post your question there. We will be more than happy to answer it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Native Commandments

Jasper Saunkeah, Cherokee

"Treat the Earth and all that dwell thereon with respect.
Remain close to the Great Spirit.
Show great respect for your fellow beings.
Work together for the benefit of all Mankind.
Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.

Do what you know to be right.
Look after the well being of mind and body.
Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good.
Be truthful and honest at all times.
Take full responsibility for your actions.
Let us greet the dawn of a new day
when all can live as one with nature
and peace reigns everywhere.

Oh Great Spirit, bring to our brothers
the wisdom of Nature and the knowledge
that if her laws are obeyed
this land will again flourish
and grasses and trees will grow as before.

Guide those that through their councils
seek to spread the wisdom of their leaders to all people.
Heal the raw wounds of the earth
and restore to our soul the richness
which strengthens men's bodies
and makes them wise in their councils.

Bring to all the knowledge that great cities
live only through the bounty
of the good earth beyond their paved streets
and towers of stone and steel."

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Sioux Prayer....

I am not a First Nation person. I am from English and Scottish stock. Yet I am finding my soul is so drawn to the wisdom from First Nation people.

A Sioux Prayer
Translated by Chief Yellow Lark - 1887
Oh, Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds
Whose breath gives life to the world, hear me
I come to you as one of your many children
I am small and weak
I need your strength and wisdom
May I walk in beauty
Make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset.
Make my hands respect the things you have made
And my ears sharp to your voice.
Make me wise so that I may know the things you have taught your children.
The lessons you have written in every leaf and rock
Make me strong--------!
Not to be superior to my brothers, but to fight my greatest enemy....myself
Make me ever ready to come to you with straight eyes,
So that when life fades as the fading sunset,
May my spirit come to you without shame.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Plant Spirit Medicine...

Plant Spirit Medicine is a practice that begins with ritual, cleansing and prayer. It then shifts to a Shamanic Journey into non-ordinary reality seeking the Spirit of a particular plant.

Before embarking upon the Shamanic Journey, always in a natural setting, considerable time is spent building intimacy with a particular plant using a process of careful observation, of human awareness and of asking questions.

The plant is looked at closely. Where does it choose to grow? What is the neighborhood like? Is it alone or with family? Who are its friends? How does it come out of the earth? Does it look tall? Is it bushy? What is the shape of the leaf? How does it reflect the light? Where do the shadows fall? What else is there to notice about the plant?
Listening is very important. What kind of sounds do the branches and leaves make? Do the flowers sing? Is there a hum? Does the wind orchestrate the plant's vibrations? What can be heard when walking by? While sitting down to listen closely? Being still and paying attention are most helpful.

The sense of smell taps deeply into humankind's ancestral wisdom. Does the plant have a scent? Is it musky, dark, nocturnal? An essence of sweetness and light? Fragrance that comes in waves? Steady and smooth? Does the smell bring up a memory?

How does the plant taste? Is it juicy? Is it dry? Is it sour or sweet, bitter or salty? Does it have a pungent flavor? What happens to the tongue and the throat? Is it easy to swallow? Is it best not to?

What happens when the plant is touched? How does the plant respond? What physical sensations does it transmit? How does the plant feel between the hands? Against the face? By the lips? Under the feet? Next to the heart? Is it hot and warm or cold and cool? What direction does its energy come from? Is it East or West? North or South? Does the plant connect most with the sky or the earth? The moon or the sun? Does it feel soothing to touch? Does it repel?

Following this careful preparation the Shamanic Journey to Plant Spirit begins. The intention is set. "I want to meet with the Spirit of ... " "What is her gift?"

The journey is carefully attended, all details are recalled and documented. The knowledge disclosed by the Plant Spirit is greeted with respect and kept in strict confidence. It is to be used only for the highest good.

The information gained from the Shamanic Journey and the Plant Spirit found on that journey can be invoked again and again. Plant Spirits can be asked to give exactly what is needed.

Taken from

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Respect for our rooted relations..

Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky,
We fell them down and turn them into paper,That we may record our emptiness.
~ Kahlil Gibran ~

Monday, August 8, 2011

The grass may be green for you...

I was born this way. I was born with a condition called Deuteranopia. Green colour blindness. I do not have any green cones in my eyes. Means I should never work as an electrician. Can’t be a train driver as the signals are in green and red. Tried to get a job as a train driver. If signals had of been in yellow or blue I would have got the job in a flash. Oh well.

This condition has no cure. Has caused me lots of frustration over the years I can tell you.

Today I found a place where I can see greens. A place where I have perfect colour vision. Where my brain does not get confused by the colours.

I was on a Journey. A healing Journery. Not for myself but for someone else. I was with my spirit guides and we had finished the healing part of this Journey. It was suggested by my Owl that we go flying and have some fun. Little did I know he had a big surprise for me. Up onto his back and off we zoom up into the sky.

I love the other worlds. I love how they are not governed by any of the rules of the reality I am in as I type this.

We are flying along over a beautiful vista of mountains and forests. I look down at this amazing scene. Then I gaze up and see that below has been mirrored above us. What a hoot (pardon the pun). This is when I notice that I can see the greens. All of the greens. I am brought almost to tears by this. No brain confusion. I see these vibrant colours and hues of green for the first time in all their glory and know that they are green.

My Owl says to me there is no colour blindness in the other worlds. He is laughing so hard. Not at me but with me as I laugh with joy at this whole revelation.

As I type this I can still feel the elation from this part of my Journey.

Thank you to my spirit guides. Thank you for how much you love me and care for me. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

accidental-greenie eco blog: Mr Harvey, can't you use your media power for good?

There is talk that one of the biggest retailers here in Australia Harvey Norman is using old growth forests to have furniture made. See the below link for more about this. If this is true shame on you Mr Harvey.

Click here to read -> accidental-greenie eco blog: Mr Harvey, can't you use your media power for good?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

~*~*~ Made to Heal ~*~*~

My spiritual roaming is leading me into making things that bring healing. Firstly I have an intrest in the ways of the Medicine Wheel. So what better way to get to know the healing power of this very old symbol than to make my own.

Made from Willow. :) Feathers are from Pee Wee, Rosella and maybe Kookaburra.

The Medicine Wheel I made for the door to my Healing Room. This has the 4 elements represented. Black Obsidian arrow head for North (Earth). White feather for East (Wind), South is Sage (Fire) and West is a shell (Water). Quartz in the Centre. Wheel is made from Morning Glory weed. I think this is a great way to recycle this weed that is killing our native bush off.

Made from Morning Glory weed, twine and some drift wood I found at Minni Waters. Feathers are Pee Wee and Bush Turkey. All found on the ground around where I live.

As Above so Below Medicine Wheel, The symbol engraved in the middle is one I use when doing Energy Healing. Wheel made from Willow. Wood with symbol is drift wood I found on the beach at Diggers Camp. North NSW Australia.

Cho Ku Rei Medicine Wheel. Art work by Jan Jury my partner. 4 crystals for the four directions. The wheel is made from Morning Glory weed thats has twisted around itself. The energy from this one as I was making it was very strong.

I have been making my own Pendulums for awhile now. I use them to remove bad energy and replace with good energy during a healing session. You can also use them to find things you may have lost.

I have found with Shamanic Journeying that I have 3 Spirit Guide helpers. An Owl, a Tree and a Red Wolf. Of late the Red Wolf has been crossing realms and appearing around our home. The Tree has been a great healer to me in my journeys. The Owl is the Spiritual Guide in my life. The Tree my Healer and the Red Wolf my Warrior and Protector. So to honour them I did the folowing rock paintings.

Till next Roaming Love and Light to you all.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Prayer to The Four Directions. Chief Seattle

Great Spirit of Light, come to me out of the East (red) with the power of the rising sun. Let there be light in my words, let there be light on my path that I walk. Let me remember always that you give the gift of a new day. And never let me be burdened with sorrow by not starting over again.

Great Spirit of Creation, send me the warm and soothing winds from the South (yellow). Comfort me and caress me when I am tired and cold. Unfold me like the gentle breezes that unfold the leaves on the trees. As you give to all the earth your warm, moving wind, give to me, so that I may grow close to you in warmth. Man did not create the web of life, he is but a strand in it. Whatever man does to the web, he does to himself.

Great Life-Giving Spirit, I face the West (black), the direction of sundown. Let me remember everyday that the moment will come when my sun will go down. Never let me forget that I must fade into you. Give me a beautiful color, give me a great sky for setting, so that when it is my time to meet you, I can come with glory.

Great Spirit of Love, come to me with the power of the North (white). Make me courageous when the cold wind falls upon me. Give me strength and endurance for everything that is harsh, everything that hurts, everything that makes me squint. Let me move through life ready to take what comes from the north.

From  I love this form of prayer/ceremony so much. I find it empowers me for when I am doing a healing or just for my own time of refecltion.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Worker with Spirits....

Tibetan Singing Bowl CD is playing in the background. The vibration from this is bringing my energy into synch with it. I am flat on my back on a massage table at a Reiki share. My Reiki Teacher/Master and a Level 1 Reiki pupil are doing Reiki on me.

I use some Breathing relaxation to take me further down the path of relaxation. Breath in, hold count to 4. Breath out , hold, count to 4. I use this anywhere when I want to relax. I find it works very well.

As I go deeper into myself I start to Journey. Journey like I have never done before. I can “ride the drum” as it said about Journeying when there is a drum beat taking you there. Of late I have found that I can do this with some Breath work.

Here I am standing in the middle of an immense forest. Tall, straight trees crowd me in. They tower over me. I find I am naked and I am dancing. All of a sudden there is a Shaman's drum in my hand and I am beating it with a drum stick. I am dancing around in circles to the beat of this drum. Next to me appear shapes. Shapes that look like people. They seem to be dressed in Shaman's robes. I have no idea how many are dancing with me. The trees too have started to dance with me.

I see myself from slightly above. I too am now cloaked in a Shaman's robe. It is made out of long strips of tree bark. Upon my head is a hat made from living tree branches. I am stilling dancing to the drum. Spinning and spinning.

Then bang. I am walking down a tunnel. A tunnel of fire. I feel no heat. No fear. Just amazement as the tongues of flame wrap themselves around me. Now I feel something. Something so wonderful. Something so joyous. I feel love. Unconditional love coming from the flames.

Wham, I am transported up into the air. The fiery tunnel is no more. I am floating in the bluest of skies. I feel as if I do not weigh anything. An enormous cloud appears. Formed in the cloud is a face of a very wise old man. A happy face it is too. The cloud wraps itself around me. Again I feel loved.

I am plummeting downwards. Yet there is no wind roar. No sound at all. As I am falling I start to realise that these could be the four elements. Air, fire, earth and water.

I land in the ground. My body has embedded itself into the moist earth. I see myself from above and I am melding into the ground. To the point that it is hard to see my features. This time I can feel the earth against my skin. I feel that love again.

Water. I am now underwater. Crystal clear water. In the reality that you are reading this from, I am not a very good swimmer. Yet I have no fear of drowning. Again all I feel is love.

Back in the forest. So many smiling happy faces greet me. The party has been going on still while I have been away. All the Shamans and trees are so happy to see me back. Out of the crowd my Owl Animal Guide steps into view. We greet each other. I ask where has he been. Over the last few healing treatments I have given to my clients, he has not been present. He laughs and says he has always been with me. I have just not seen him. He tells me that I have a new name now. A Spiritual name. One that I am not to tell anyone. One that is only used when I Journey. He also tells me I have been initiated into the ways of the spirits. I have become one with them.

A big cheer goes up from those who are gathered in the forest. The overwhelming feeling of love that is given off to me is breathtaking to say the least.

The chiming of Tibetan bells calls me back. I slide back to the realm of me laying on the massage table. My time on the table has come to an end.

Up from the table I see the smiling faces of all who have been doing Reiki and those that have received this healing energy. Yet I still feel so present with all back in that forest. A feeling of exhilaration sweeps over me. My life purpose has been confirmed to me.

I ask my Reiki Teacher/Master if she saw anything. She smiles and says yes she did. So I explain what has happened. It turns out just as I entered the forest she was putting Reiki energy into my heart and third eye chakras. She was so drawn to connect my heart and third eye/mind as she felt they were not connected at this point in time. I explained to her that I had been doing a lot of work on myself to allow me to let go old belief patterns that seem to be holding me back. At times strangling me. Her fingers hovering over my third felt like they were being pulled in by a magnet. At the same time the word Shaman came into her mind. She was being told that this is what I am.

I know that in some circles it is not recommended that we boast about being a Shaman. That we never call ourselves a Shaman. Yet I can not deny what has happened to me and what my Teacher/ Master thought I was.

The above happened to me on Saturday 7/5/2011.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

War on the soul....

War. The Art of War. The act of killing and maiming people. Invading another country to control that country and its people. Power over a whole nation. Planes dropping bombs on innocent civilians. Women and children fleeing the carnage. Tanks running soldiers down. Terrorists blowing themselves and innocent bystanders up. We have all seen or heard about this happening in the real world. We have seen images of war broadcast into our lounge rooms via the T.V set. For most of us we can detach from this. It is on the T.V so it is not really real.

Yet it is all too real for those that go through it. Either as combatants or and the victims of war. Many are left scared for life. Both physically and mentally. Many a soldier has come back from war only to harm members of their family or themselves as they try to come to terms with what they have been through. This is the great tragedy of war.

In shamanism it is said that if someone goes through war they lose part of their soul. It is how they try to cope with what they have done or seen. Part of their soul leaves to try to protect itself. This might explain why so many who go through wars can not lead a normal healthy life. Maybe this is why they wake in the middle of the night in a cold sweat from a nightmare. Reliving the terror of what they have been through in a distorted dream. Some never get over the effects of war as their soul have fragmented. They can never feel whole again. 

Years ago I used to work in the war industry. I used to make training simulators to help troops to fight smarter. I spent many many hours studying and watching videos of live combat from the latest war zone. Thankfully I have left that industry. The path that my life has now taken is one of inner peace. Yet I can still feel the effects of watching all those videos. The effects of making what were especially games, war-games, had on my soul. It makes me feel empty. Distant from myself. I feel very little love for myself. Very little love for those around me. I felt like I would enjoy destroying. I was addicted to killing. Even if it was just pixels on a screen. Pixels that represented people.

The years have gone by. I have found a path of inner peace. Sitting browsing the net I came across some videos of the latest up and coming wargames for PC and the other consoles. I watched a few. I walked away feeling numb. I had no feelings at all. My inner peace had run off. It felt like my soul had gone into hiding. Not that I blame it at all. It took me some hours to bring the peace back. This after only watching 10 minutes of game trailer videos. Which by the way are very graphic in their content.

As my feelings slowly came back to me I started to realise the affect that these games are having on our younger generation. This younger generation spend almost all their waking hours playing these games. They play online against each other. Hundreds of kids all playing on the internet killing each other. Blowing things up. Being entertained by computerised death. What they don't know is that they are damaging their souls. So much so that some may never be able to lead normal lives. Some will become killers in real life. Some will become abusers in real life. All because they have allowed their souls to become fragmented by this digital killing.

Yes there are calls to have games banned. Having worked in that industry I agree with this. This though is not enough. If games are banned those who have been playing will need help. They will need to help to become balanced humans. Help that can only come from having their broken souls healed. The war against souls is very real and very dangerous. It takes no prisoners. Next time your child wants the latest war or fighting game think about the affect it is having on his/her soul.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

They tower over us yet we do not hear them....Or maybe we do...

A Message from the Trees
By Megan O’Connor
A tree reaches deep into the ground and up again for light, and flowers leaves to clasp the suns rays into itself for nourishment. It is profoundly beautiful unto itself, perfect from its conception, but maybe it has a bigger purpose by giving all of life a message

In all its gentle grace and stillness it communicates notice how peaceful life can be see how the sun nourishes all of us. It stands, swaying in a strong wind, leaves dancing.

Look closely and you will almost see them waving hello. It has witnessed many days gone by.
The tree renews itself with the changing of seasons. Trees  give a gracious home for other living beings and is a kind servant to mother nature, and in return is rewarded with a  long, life.

Yes, there are lessons to be learned from trees. The greatest of all can be seen between the leaves.
If one looks between the leaves, a matrix of infinite unique spaces can be seen, a place to contemplate eternity, a place to feel peace, a place to listen to the wisdom of the tree, a partner and reflection of the great spirit shared by all.  

Our friends speak these wise truths in their being, which could be translated into a metaphor for human life.Live your purpose with grace and stillness of heart. Gathering light from above nourishes your core.
It is wise to sway in a strong wind. Know when to rest, regenerate and begin again fresh in the spring.
The space between things seen is where infinite creativity lives.

The wise ones tell us it is easy to see to eternity when reaching into an endless sky, which sooths the soul; or while reaching into the fertile grounds of life, rejoice in what is really important, a warm sun on your face while being grounded in mother earth.

The next time you drive by a group of trees, slow down.  Watch the wind blowing them, see if you can feel the wind in your hair, and remember, light is your source.

This is the gentle message of the trees.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Native American Proverbs & Wisdom

We need step away from our hectic modern lives and spend some time mediating with the wisdom from those who were very connected to Spirit.

Here is a selection of very wise sayings. Wisdom from American Indians. May these find a place in you heart and soul and bring you closer to who you should be.

- All plants are our brothers and sisters. They talk to us and if we listen, we can hear them. - Arapaho
- Our first teacher is our own heart. - Cheyenne
- Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children. - Tribe Unknown
- When a man moves away from nature his heart becomes hard. - Lakota
- To touch the earth is to have harmony with nature. - Oglala Sioux
- Regard Heaven as your father, Earth as your Mother and all things as your Brothers and Sisters. - Tribe Unknown

Friday, February 11, 2011

Huna Principles.... 4 video presentations.

Serge Kahili King, author of "Urban Shaman," explains the principles of Huna, the Polynesian philosophy of esoteric knowledge and practice. I love Huna. It is the Adventure side of Shamanism. I try to put these principles into every part of my life.

I would highly recommend to you this book as well. Which you can buy from The teachings from the above videos are expanded upon in this book.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pecking Order.

In the background Uluru looms over us. This sacred ancient rock stands out in all of its glorious redness. It is night. My owl animal guide has bought myself and my client here for healing. I have been giving this client Reiki treatments for some time now. This treatment I have added Shamanic Journeying. I know the Reiki is doing its work but let’s see what the spirit guides can do too.

She has been coming to me for treatment for a swollen uterus and fibrous growths in her uterus. Her doctor had told her she needs to have her uterus removed. She did not want this to happen and had asked if Reiki could help. I could not make any guarantees as to the outcome. So she had nothing to lose.

My owl has my client grasped in his claws. She is being held every so gently in those powerful claws. She is sound asleep. I am holding onto the end of one wing. We glide through the night sky. The vista that is before me is breath taking. I love the other worlds. Ahead I see the giant red rock looming out of the red soil. We are going to one of the most sacred places. Uluru. We dive earthwards. A small camp like fire is burning away as we touchdown. Standing in the light of the fire is an old man, he is waiting for us. His white beard and full head of hair stand out in stark contrast to the night sky. This is my tree spirit guide in human form. He takes my client from my owl guide and lays her on the ground next to the small fire. He starts to dance around her chanting.

Out of the gloom several Emus approach. They bend down and start to peck at my client’s abdomen. There is nothing on her for them to peck at. That when I realise they are healing her. In flies a crow. He has a small shaman drum with him and starts to beat the drum. The Old Man and the Emus are now dancing around the sleeping form of my client to the beat of the drum. The rhythm of their dance and the crows drumming has me joining in the dance. I am overcome with a feeling of elation. The red dirt beneath our feet feels ever so warm.

The Old Man calls a halt to the dance. He says we are finished and to leave now. I bow in thanks to him, the Emus and the Crow. My owl gathers up the still sleeping client. Off into the air we fly. All too soon we are back at the entrance to this otherworld. My client is awake now. We both thank my Owl and travel back up via my tree entry point.

I have spent about ½ hour doing Reiki on her abdomen while journeying. I finish off the Reiki treatment and explain what has just happened. We are both amazed by the whole event. I love journeying. You never know what is going to happen, where you will go or who you will meet. Yet all if this is done for our higher good.
Several months later my client gets the all clear from her doctor that the Uterus has gone back to its normal size. The fibrous growths are less. No operation is needed.

This was the first time I have mixed Reiki with Shamanic Journeying. It sure wont the be last. The thing that stands out from this for me was the fact that during the journey I did not do any healing. It was all done by the spirits.

Thank you to Ian Coate for allowing me to use his image in this blog past. To see more of his wonderful art work please see

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We human beings are our own worst enemies at times.........

Of all the beings on this planet. Both seen and unseen. We human beings are our own worst enemies at times. We hate ourselves. We put ourselves down so much. We hurt ourselves so much. I have been reading through this blog 100 Day Walk With A Shaman Her update from Day 22 I think would help us all...... 

Day 22 – You are Perfect Just the Way You Are.

I have had the honor to sit at the feet of many of the worlds greatest teachers and one time I asked Lama Zopa Rinpoche, “ What is our main problem?” The lama answered, “It is that we think, "I am the worst person in the world. I am full of hatred, desire, and ignorance." These concepts are totally negative, and you have been carrying around this self pitying view all your life. Cry, cry, Fear, Fear, emotion, emotion. Obsessed with your own shortcomings, you put tremendous pressure on yourself. You punish yourself by regarding yourself as ugly and worthless. Other people may think you are beautiful, but still  you project yourself as ugly.”

“Right now just stop whatever you are doing and visualize a beautiful blue light, which is like clear blue sky all around you. See yourself just being in this clear blue sky color with nothing else but the color blue around you. As you just experience this beautiful blue light notice how your dualistic thoughts start to break down. You no longer believe in those self deprecating dualities. They no longer exist, really. This radiant blue light helps us to touch reality, which is the most important thing in the world. This is no longer an fantasy world of projections and self deprecating thoughts and judgments. This place you are experiencing in this sky blue light is inner and outer reality. There is no self judgment in this place. Can you feel it? See yourself as a being of sky blue. You are perfect just as you are. You only need to realize it. “

Lama Zopa knows this truth and we need to know it too so that we can experience our own natural perfection.

Shaman Elder Maggie

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tree Spirit Prayer by Hanoochi...

"Great Spirit, Mountain Ancestors, All My Relations, Blessings be here today as I come before you Honored One.
You have seen many sunrises and sunsets upon your branches,Your sacred roots have been quenched by life giving rains.

Honored Tree Spirit, I give thanks to you,
...for the singing birds that you shelter
...for the music you sing in the breeze
...for listening to the voices of the creatures
...for echoing the ancestors strength

Respected One, I ask your permission and humbly request your presence for my guided purpose as Great Spirit directs.
All things belong to you, Creator, all things are sacred.
So this day I honor you Tree Spirit and humbly Thank You.

Mitakuye Oyasin

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm thankin in the rain....

Gene Kelly sang "I'm singin in the rain...." as he danced with joy in a down pour in the movie "Singin in the rain". If you believe as I do that everything on this planet is related then we should give thanks to the weather beings for the rain. We should be singing "Thankin in the Rain". We should show them the respect they deserve for the life giving water they give us. I know at present parts of down under here are under water. People have lost everything they own. Yet I can't but thank the weather for what it gives to us.

Today as we took the dogs on their morning walk we watched the dark rain heavy clouds roll towards us. Then came the rain. As the cold rain water washed over me I gave thanks to the rain for washing me. For washing my aura. Straight away I felt energy surging throughout my whole body. Felt it go out to the edge of my aura then out in every direction away from me. Felt my aura being cleansed. A great feeling of elation sweep over me for giving thanks to the spirit of rain for what it had just done for me.

We so need to be in tune with all that is around us. All that cares for us. We need to be more thankful.

Monday, January 3, 2011

How an owl rocked my "world"...

My partner Jan and I are both Reiki Practitioners. Which is great for us as we can give each other treatments. Plus I have the added bonus that Jan is a Remedial Massage Therapist. Any aches or pains I have can be taken away with massage or reiki. I digress sorry. J

Today Jan asked me if I would like a reiki treatment. You can guess what my answer was?! Soon I am on her massage table and the treatment has begun. I use this time to either meditate or do some shamanic journeying. Today I choose to journey. I had an intention. I will not yet mention that here.

I used a new entrance to the underworld I had spotted in a tree near where I live. After doing some breathing to relax, let alone what the reiki was doing to me, off I went to this entrance to the underworld. I called out for my animal spirit guide and explained what I wanted to see. Off we went together. My animal spirit guide is a huge white owl. We flew up to the middle world and back in time. I was soaring through the air holding onto one of his wing tips. I saw what I needed to see and then I asked my owl to take me back to the entrance to the underworld. He said he had something else to show me. This was to rock me when we got back to my reality a bit later.

We arrived at a giant tree. We climbed the tree through its many branches up into darkness. We were headed for the Upper World. After awhile the darkness was gone and I was standing in a place that was all white. There to meet me were my grandparents. All four of them have been dead for some time. They came towards me and wrapped their arms around me in a big group hug. They all looked the same as they did last time I saw them alive when I was a boy. Each of them told me they were very proud of me. They were very proud of where I am going spiritually. I felt so much love coming from them.

All too soon I was back at the entrance to the underworld with my owl. He enveloped me with his white wings and drew me to him in a big hug. He told me that he loved me too. Not the first time he has done this either. Saying goodbye I climbed back up to the hole in my tree.

The reiki treatment was over. Next door had been doing hammering in the backyard. I do not recall hearing them while I was on my journey. I sat up and thanked Jan for the treatment and then it all rushed back to me. I had just been with my grandparents. As I started to tell Jan about who I saw I broke down and started to cry. I was crying with joy. It is hard to find the words even now to describe the feelings of seeing my dear departed grandparents. Hard to explain how it feels to know they are so proud of me. Even as I write this I can feel my emotions welling up inside me. I miss my grandparents in this reality. Now I know that I can see them again. That makes my heart sing with sheer joy.

My owl sure did pull off one great surprise for me today. He sure did rock my world today. What will he has install for me next time we meet up??? I can hardly wait.

Native American Prophecy....

“When the Earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear,
when that happens, The Warriors of the Rainbow will come to save them."
—Chief Sealth (Seattle), Suquamish