Monday, August 8, 2011

The grass may be green for you...

I was born this way. I was born with a condition called Deuteranopia. Green colour blindness. I do not have any green cones in my eyes. Means I should never work as an electrician. Can’t be a train driver as the signals are in green and red. Tried to get a job as a train driver. If signals had of been in yellow or blue I would have got the job in a flash. Oh well.

This condition has no cure. Has caused me lots of frustration over the years I can tell you.

Today I found a place where I can see greens. A place where I have perfect colour vision. Where my brain does not get confused by the colours.

I was on a Journey. A healing Journery. Not for myself but for someone else. I was with my spirit guides and we had finished the healing part of this Journey. It was suggested by my Owl that we go flying and have some fun. Little did I know he had a big surprise for me. Up onto his back and off we zoom up into the sky.

I love the other worlds. I love how they are not governed by any of the rules of the reality I am in as I type this.

We are flying along over a beautiful vista of mountains and forests. I look down at this amazing scene. Then I gaze up and see that below has been mirrored above us. What a hoot (pardon the pun). This is when I notice that I can see the greens. All of the greens. I am brought almost to tears by this. No brain confusion. I see these vibrant colours and hues of green for the first time in all their glory and know that they are green.

My Owl says to me there is no colour blindness in the other worlds. He is laughing so hard. Not at me but with me as I laugh with joy at this whole revelation.

As I type this I can still feel the elation from this part of my Journey.

Thank you to my spirit guides. Thank you for how much you love me and care for me. 


  1. I'm so happy for you! And also fascinated. What do you usually see for green? And what does your header here look like to you?
    I LOVE it that you had this experience. Love it.

  2. Hi Teresa. What do I see for green? Sometimes a colour that I have no idea what it is. Over the years I have had to teach myself that grass is green etc. So if I can link and object to green I will. Hence why lots of the time I will get the colour wrong.

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  4. The header is green. I know this because I have learnt that forests are green for the most part. :-)