Saturday, November 27, 2010

From another planet? They live we us all the time.....

Tibouchina spirit.

Everything has a spirit. I mean everything. We humans do, animals do, the wind does, the air does, the water does and so too plants. I have had a thing for trees for as long as I can remember.

I hate it when they are chopped down. So much so that I can feel their pain. The next road over from where we live is being widened. We live in an area with many trees. To widen this road they had to cut down so many trees. The day after the trees got the chop we drove past and I could feel the fear coming from the remaining trees. They did not know if they would be next.

This got me thinking more deeply about the spirit world of trees and plants. I read a great book on this by Pam Montgomery, "Plant Spirit Healing." Please visit her website The book explains how the plant and tree spirits can help us on so many levels.

In this book she features photos of the tree and plant spirits. A tree or a plant is photographed. This image is then edited in a graphics program. I use Paintshop Pro. The image is mirrored and the two mirror images are mated up. When this is done you see amazing results. You see the spirits of the tree or plants. Below are some that I have taken and then edited. Some are so alien to our human mind. Some look like animals. Some have more than one spirit. Keep an open mind as you look at the below images and see what else you can see in them. You will be pleasantly surprised. Click on the images so see them full size.

Turpentine gum spirit.

1000year old tree spirit in Vietnam.

Banksia tree spirit.

Blue gum spirit.

Blue Gum spirit.
Spotted gum spirit.

Turpentine gum spirits.

Grevillea & fungus spirit.

Ornamental grape spirit.
I hope that these images have helped you to see this other realm, a spiritual one, that some many people refuse to acknowledge.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Seven Principles of Huna Shamanism.

As I travel through my Spiritual Roaming I have come to love Huna Shamanism. Huna is the modern or Western name that has been applied to the ancient healing and spiritual shamanism of ancient Hawaii. In an essence it is very simple. So simple that the below seven principles sum it all up. 

Over the next few Roaming postings here I will add my spin to these principles. 

1. The World Is What You Think It Is.
2. There are no limits.
3. Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.
4. Now Is The Moment Of Power.
5. To Love Is To Be Happy With (someone or something).
6. All Power Comes From Within.
7. Effectiveness Is The Measure Of Truth. 

The first one we will look at is "The World Is What You Think It Is."  So simple. You think your life is good and it will be. You think your life is bad and so it will be. I said it was simple. Now go and apply that to all areas of your life. Maybe not hey?! Let me give you an example.

A guy spent many years of his marriage being down trodden. He learnt this from his mother because that's how she treated him from birth. So he looked for someone to marry that would treat him the same way. For years his world was horrible. Till one day the light came on above his head and he realised that he did not have to live like this. So he ended his marriage. After a period of time of being on his own he thought it he would go out with a woman again. So he dated a few women. Guess what? Yep they were all like his mother and his ex-wife all over again. His world was horrible again. So did he decide to become celebrant?  Never to have a woman in his life again? No this time he made an agreement with himself. An agreement to change his world. He would never be involved with anyone again that would make his life miserable. He meant it this time. Guess what. He is now with a woman and in a very wonderful relationship with her. He changed his world. "The World Is What You Think It Is." This guy has made his world better. He thought "I want a better relationship. I don't want the same type of women again in his life."

So if your world is horrible and you hate what is going on. It is up to you and you alone to change it. Yes it may not change over night and this is where patience and perseverance come to the fray. Think you want a better world and then act on that thought.

Love and Light to you all till my next Roaming.  

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The path of roaming can be a foggy one at times...

I have found as I have traveled this spiritual path that I have changed my theological views a few times now. From staunch fundie Christian who believed only fundie Christians would get to heaven to the Calvinist view. Where only those God choose would gain his favour. I see now that God is above all of these views. 
At times it has scared me so much to change. I was afraid of what my so called Christian friends would think. Let me say I have none of these people as friends now. If they knew what I practice and believe now days they would not be able to handle it.
But change I have. Each change has taught me so much about myself and others.
The biggest change was to start to really question what I believe as a Christian. Do I still have these beliefs that I first had 25 years ago? To some degree I do. Lots of my faith I no longer hold to. Maybe a later posting here to explain this more?!
The biggest fear has been what would God think about the changes I have made? This so scared me at times. Yet God is love. As I was told so many times in church. So why was I so scared? As I plunged my spiritual toe into very different spiritual ponds I have found that I am closer to God now than ever before. I see so much more of his creation now that I know we are all linked. People, plants, animals, planets, spirit world. All made by our Creator and all equal. 
The beauty of God is ever so clear now that it is not fogged up with dogma of the church. 
Love and Light till my next roaming. 

Rights for those who also inhabit this earth with us.....

"There is a hue and cry for human rights -- human rights, they said, for all people. And the indigenous people said: What of the rights of the natural world? Where is the seat for the buffalo or the eagle? Who is representing them here in this forum? Who is speaking for the waters of the earth? Who is speaking for the trees and the forests? Who is speaking for the fish, for the whales, for the beavers, for our children? We said: Given this opportunity to speak in this international forum, then it is our duty to say that we must stand for these people, and the natural world and its rights; and also for the generations to come."

-- Chief Oren Lyons, Chief of the Onondaga Nation and the Iroquois Confederacy, in his account of speaking to the United Nations in Geneva

Welcome to Spiritual Roaming.

Welcome to you all. 

This is a place for me to share with you my Spiritual Roaming. Thought you might get something out of the journey I am on. Maybe I can learn from your own journey too. 

So let the Roaming begin......

I have come from a fundie church background. A divorce from both wife and the church has lead me to my life partner. She has inspired me to follow my path. I am now a Reiki Practitioner/Energy Healer. Which in turn has lead me to Shamanic ways. All it took was one shamanic journey and I am hooked. 

I have met my animal spirit guide many times now on a Shaman Journey. I will not share his name as this is very private to us both. I will tell you that he is a huge white owl. I have had many encounters with owls in the middle world (where you are reading this now. I hope? :-) ) for years now. So it is only fitting I suppose that my spirit guide would be an owl. 

Shamanic Journeying has taught me to fully love myself. To love who I am. I love my very being. Something I never got from the church. All I was taught in church was that I had to make myself smaller. I was not to love myself. This was considered a sin. You are only supposed to love God and your fellow humans. These are good things for sure. Yet how can you love someone when you don't love yourself? 
On my Journey my Owl wrapped his huge pure white wings around me and told me he loved me. At that moment I knew that I loved myself.  

I try to say this affirmation everyday. I say it when things are not going the way they should..... "I love myself. I am having a wonderful day..." I find this shifts the energy around me. Helps dispel the bad energy within me and around me. 

Till my next roaming. light and love to you all.