Saturday, November 27, 2010

From another planet? They live we us all the time.....

Tibouchina spirit.

Everything has a spirit. I mean everything. We humans do, animals do, the wind does, the air does, the water does and so too plants. I have had a thing for trees for as long as I can remember.

I hate it when they are chopped down. So much so that I can feel their pain. The next road over from where we live is being widened. We live in an area with many trees. To widen this road they had to cut down so many trees. The day after the trees got the chop we drove past and I could feel the fear coming from the remaining trees. They did not know if they would be next.

This got me thinking more deeply about the spirit world of trees and plants. I read a great book on this by Pam Montgomery, "Plant Spirit Healing." Please visit her website The book explains how the plant and tree spirits can help us on so many levels.

In this book she features photos of the tree and plant spirits. A tree or a plant is photographed. This image is then edited in a graphics program. I use Paintshop Pro. The image is mirrored and the two mirror images are mated up. When this is done you see amazing results. You see the spirits of the tree or plants. Below are some that I have taken and then edited. Some are so alien to our human mind. Some look like animals. Some have more than one spirit. Keep an open mind as you look at the below images and see what else you can see in them. You will be pleasantly surprised. Click on the images so see them full size.

Turpentine gum spirit.

1000year old tree spirit in Vietnam.

Banksia tree spirit.

Blue gum spirit.

Blue Gum spirit.
Spotted gum spirit.

Turpentine gum spirits.

Grevillea & fungus spirit.

Ornamental grape spirit.
I hope that these images have helped you to see this other realm, a spiritual one, that some many people refuse to acknowledge.


  1. Great stories Ross, keep up the good work.

  2. That is really interesting!

    In trying to communicate with tree spirits, the only thing I've really discovered (for me, personally, anyway) are very different. It's like a different language, a different way of thinking...and I'm wanting to just hop in and start a conversation or something, and they move so much slower, on a different wavelength altogether. It has made for some very powerful moments...where I've learned to just shut up and listen. :)

  3. I have had 2 experiences with 2 tress in person. By this I mean not journeying. A huge Morton Bay fig showed me the area from when it was a seedling. Was something to behold as it showed me what the surrounding area looked like when it was so young. The other experience was with a huge grey gum that gave me the most wonderful healing. I stood with my back against it and felt it draw me into itself and make me one with it.

    I find that you have to be very polite to trees. They like to be respected by us humans.