Thursday, November 25, 2010

Welcome to Spiritual Roaming.

Welcome to you all. 

This is a place for me to share with you my Spiritual Roaming. Thought you might get something out of the journey I am on. Maybe I can learn from your own journey too. 

So let the Roaming begin......

I have come from a fundie church background. A divorce from both wife and the church has lead me to my life partner. She has inspired me to follow my path. I am now a Reiki Practitioner/Energy Healer. Which in turn has lead me to Shamanic ways. All it took was one shamanic journey and I am hooked. 

I have met my animal spirit guide many times now on a Shaman Journey. I will not share his name as this is very private to us both. I will tell you that he is a huge white owl. I have had many encounters with owls in the middle world (where you are reading this now. I hope? :-) ) for years now. So it is only fitting I suppose that my spirit guide would be an owl. 

Shamanic Journeying has taught me to fully love myself. To love who I am. I love my very being. Something I never got from the church. All I was taught in church was that I had to make myself smaller. I was not to love myself. This was considered a sin. You are only supposed to love God and your fellow humans. These are good things for sure. Yet how can you love someone when you don't love yourself? 
On my Journey my Owl wrapped his huge pure white wings around me and told me he loved me. At that moment I knew that I loved myself.  

I try to say this affirmation everyday. I say it when things are not going the way they should..... "I love myself. I am having a wonderful day..." I find this shifts the energy around me. Helps dispel the bad energy within me and around me. 

Till my next roaming. light and love to you all. 


  1. This is beautiful! I'm so glad you are blogging. Looking forward to reading more. :)