Thursday, November 25, 2010

The path of roaming can be a foggy one at times...

I have found as I have traveled this spiritual path that I have changed my theological views a few times now. From staunch fundie Christian who believed only fundie Christians would get to heaven to the Calvinist view. Where only those God choose would gain his favour. I see now that God is above all of these views. 
At times it has scared me so much to change. I was afraid of what my so called Christian friends would think. Let me say I have none of these people as friends now. If they knew what I practice and believe now days they would not be able to handle it.
But change I have. Each change has taught me so much about myself and others.
The biggest change was to start to really question what I believe as a Christian. Do I still have these beliefs that I first had 25 years ago? To some degree I do. Lots of my faith I no longer hold to. Maybe a later posting here to explain this more?!
The biggest fear has been what would God think about the changes I have made? This so scared me at times. Yet God is love. As I was told so many times in church. So why was I so scared? As I plunged my spiritual toe into very different spiritual ponds I have found that I am closer to God now than ever before. I see so much more of his creation now that I know we are all linked. People, plants, animals, planets, spirit world. All made by our Creator and all equal. 
The beauty of God is ever so clear now that it is not fogged up with dogma of the church. 
Love and Light till my next roaming. 

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