Sunday, June 12, 2011

~*~*~ Made to Heal ~*~*~

My spiritual roaming is leading me into making things that bring healing. Firstly I have an intrest in the ways of the Medicine Wheel. So what better way to get to know the healing power of this very old symbol than to make my own.

Made from Willow. :) Feathers are from Pee Wee, Rosella and maybe Kookaburra.

The Medicine Wheel I made for the door to my Healing Room. This has the 4 elements represented. Black Obsidian arrow head for North (Earth). White feather for East (Wind), South is Sage (Fire) and West is a shell (Water). Quartz in the Centre. Wheel is made from Morning Glory weed. I think this is a great way to recycle this weed that is killing our native bush off.

Made from Morning Glory weed, twine and some drift wood I found at Minni Waters. Feathers are Pee Wee and Bush Turkey. All found on the ground around where I live.

As Above so Below Medicine Wheel, The symbol engraved in the middle is one I use when doing Energy Healing. Wheel made from Willow. Wood with symbol is drift wood I found on the beach at Diggers Camp. North NSW Australia.

Cho Ku Rei Medicine Wheel. Art work by Jan Jury my partner. 4 crystals for the four directions. The wheel is made from Morning Glory weed thats has twisted around itself. The energy from this one as I was making it was very strong.

I have been making my own Pendulums for awhile now. I use them to remove bad energy and replace with good energy during a healing session. You can also use them to find things you may have lost.

I have found with Shamanic Journeying that I have 3 Spirit Guide helpers. An Owl, a Tree and a Red Wolf. Of late the Red Wolf has been crossing realms and appearing around our home. The Tree has been a great healer to me in my journeys. The Owl is the Spiritual Guide in my life. The Tree my Healer and the Red Wolf my Warrior and Protector. So to honour them I did the folowing rock paintings.

Till next Roaming Love and Light to you all.

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  1. Everything is so beautiful and carries such peaceful energy even over the internet. My favorite is the As Above, So Below Medicine Wheel.
    Love the rock painting too!