Monday, May 9, 2011

Worker with Spirits....

Tibetan Singing Bowl CD is playing in the background. The vibration from this is bringing my energy into synch with it. I am flat on my back on a massage table at a Reiki share. My Reiki Teacher/Master and a Level 1 Reiki pupil are doing Reiki on me.

I use some Breathing relaxation to take me further down the path of relaxation. Breath in, hold count to 4. Breath out , hold, count to 4. I use this anywhere when I want to relax. I find it works very well.

As I go deeper into myself I start to Journey. Journey like I have never done before. I can “ride the drum” as it said about Journeying when there is a drum beat taking you there. Of late I have found that I can do this with some Breath work.

Here I am standing in the middle of an immense forest. Tall, straight trees crowd me in. They tower over me. I find I am naked and I am dancing. All of a sudden there is a Shaman's drum in my hand and I am beating it with a drum stick. I am dancing around in circles to the beat of this drum. Next to me appear shapes. Shapes that look like people. They seem to be dressed in Shaman's robes. I have no idea how many are dancing with me. The trees too have started to dance with me.

I see myself from slightly above. I too am now cloaked in a Shaman's robe. It is made out of long strips of tree bark. Upon my head is a hat made from living tree branches. I am stilling dancing to the drum. Spinning and spinning.

Then bang. I am walking down a tunnel. A tunnel of fire. I feel no heat. No fear. Just amazement as the tongues of flame wrap themselves around me. Now I feel something. Something so wonderful. Something so joyous. I feel love. Unconditional love coming from the flames.

Wham, I am transported up into the air. The fiery tunnel is no more. I am floating in the bluest of skies. I feel as if I do not weigh anything. An enormous cloud appears. Formed in the cloud is a face of a very wise old man. A happy face it is too. The cloud wraps itself around me. Again I feel loved.

I am plummeting downwards. Yet there is no wind roar. No sound at all. As I am falling I start to realise that these could be the four elements. Air, fire, earth and water.

I land in the ground. My body has embedded itself into the moist earth. I see myself from above and I am melding into the ground. To the point that it is hard to see my features. This time I can feel the earth against my skin. I feel that love again.

Water. I am now underwater. Crystal clear water. In the reality that you are reading this from, I am not a very good swimmer. Yet I have no fear of drowning. Again all I feel is love.

Back in the forest. So many smiling happy faces greet me. The party has been going on still while I have been away. All the Shamans and trees are so happy to see me back. Out of the crowd my Owl Animal Guide steps into view. We greet each other. I ask where has he been. Over the last few healing treatments I have given to my clients, he has not been present. He laughs and says he has always been with me. I have just not seen him. He tells me that I have a new name now. A Spiritual name. One that I am not to tell anyone. One that is only used when I Journey. He also tells me I have been initiated into the ways of the spirits. I have become one with them.

A big cheer goes up from those who are gathered in the forest. The overwhelming feeling of love that is given off to me is breathtaking to say the least.

The chiming of Tibetan bells calls me back. I slide back to the realm of me laying on the massage table. My time on the table has come to an end.

Up from the table I see the smiling faces of all who have been doing Reiki and those that have received this healing energy. Yet I still feel so present with all back in that forest. A feeling of exhilaration sweeps over me. My life purpose has been confirmed to me.

I ask my Reiki Teacher/Master if she saw anything. She smiles and says yes she did. So I explain what has happened. It turns out just as I entered the forest she was putting Reiki energy into my heart and third eye chakras. She was so drawn to connect my heart and third eye/mind as she felt they were not connected at this point in time. I explained to her that I had been doing a lot of work on myself to allow me to let go old belief patterns that seem to be holding me back. At times strangling me. Her fingers hovering over my third felt like they were being pulled in by a magnet. At the same time the word Shaman came into her mind. She was being told that this is what I am.

I know that in some circles it is not recommended that we boast about being a Shaman. That we never call ourselves a Shaman. Yet I can not deny what has happened to me and what my Teacher/ Master thought I was.

The above happened to me on Saturday 7/5/2011.

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  1. Thank you Ross for sharing the beautiful gifts of your soul.I do want to remind you,however,that as much as we want affirmations of our role and our identity;all identities are but a garment that we use for a while and then dispose of.And so;to identify with the title"Shaman",is to identify with an illusion.One does not have to be a shaman to have the kind of spiritual experiences which you described.I guess we all yearn to belong.Oracle.