Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pecking Order.

In the background Uluru looms over us. This sacred ancient rock stands out in all of its glorious redness. It is night. My owl animal guide has bought myself and my client here for healing. I have been giving this client Reiki treatments for some time now. This treatment I have added Shamanic Journeying. I know the Reiki is doing its work but let’s see what the spirit guides can do too.

She has been coming to me for treatment for a swollen uterus and fibrous growths in her uterus. Her doctor had told her she needs to have her uterus removed. She did not want this to happen and had asked if Reiki could help. I could not make any guarantees as to the outcome. So she had nothing to lose.

My owl has my client grasped in his claws. She is being held every so gently in those powerful claws. She is sound asleep. I am holding onto the end of one wing. We glide through the night sky. The vista that is before me is breath taking. I love the other worlds. Ahead I see the giant red rock looming out of the red soil. We are going to one of the most sacred places. Uluru. We dive earthwards. A small camp like fire is burning away as we touchdown. Standing in the light of the fire is an old man, he is waiting for us. His white beard and full head of hair stand out in stark contrast to the night sky. This is my tree spirit guide in human form. He takes my client from my owl guide and lays her on the ground next to the small fire. He starts to dance around her chanting.

Out of the gloom several Emus approach. They bend down and start to peck at my client’s abdomen. There is nothing on her for them to peck at. That when I realise they are healing her. In flies a crow. He has a small shaman drum with him and starts to beat the drum. The Old Man and the Emus are now dancing around the sleeping form of my client to the beat of the drum. The rhythm of their dance and the crows drumming has me joining in the dance. I am overcome with a feeling of elation. The red dirt beneath our feet feels ever so warm.

The Old Man calls a halt to the dance. He says we are finished and to leave now. I bow in thanks to him, the Emus and the Crow. My owl gathers up the still sleeping client. Off into the air we fly. All too soon we are back at the entrance to this otherworld. My client is awake now. We both thank my Owl and travel back up via my tree entry point.

I have spent about ½ hour doing Reiki on her abdomen while journeying. I finish off the Reiki treatment and explain what has just happened. We are both amazed by the whole event. I love journeying. You never know what is going to happen, where you will go or who you will meet. Yet all if this is done for our higher good.
Several months later my client gets the all clear from her doctor that the Uterus has gone back to its normal size. The fibrous growths are less. No operation is needed.

This was the first time I have mixed Reiki with Shamanic Journeying. It sure wont the be last. The thing that stands out from this for me was the fact that during the journey I did not do any healing. It was all done by the spirits.

Thank you to Ian Coate for allowing me to use his image in this blog past. To see more of his wonderful art work please see

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