Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm thankin in the rain....

Gene Kelly sang "I'm singin in the rain...." as he danced with joy in a down pour in the movie "Singin in the rain". If you believe as I do that everything on this planet is related then we should give thanks to the weather beings for the rain. We should be singing "Thankin in the Rain". We should show them the respect they deserve for the life giving water they give us. I know at present parts of down under here are under water. People have lost everything they own. Yet I can't but thank the weather for what it gives to us.

Today as we took the dogs on their morning walk we watched the dark rain heavy clouds roll towards us. Then came the rain. As the cold rain water washed over me I gave thanks to the rain for washing me. For washing my aura. Straight away I felt energy surging throughout my whole body. Felt it go out to the edge of my aura then out in every direction away from me. Felt my aura being cleansed. A great feeling of elation sweep over me for giving thanks to the spirit of rain for what it had just done for me.

We so need to be in tune with all that is around us. All that cares for us. We need to be more thankful.

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