Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Altar..

Today I did some healing on myself. I have, maybe, the flu. Thats what it feels like. My partner, Jan , was also off to the dentist as well.

So while she was out I set up an altar and did a healing for us both.

I created a circle of protection around the altar and myself. Did not want any unwanted being taking part too. I used my Athame to do this and visualized this circle surrounding me.

I asked Mother Earth and Father Heaven to be present. Asked the Four Elements to be present, guide me and guard me. I then dedicated the shell pendant I had previously made to bring healing to me while I wear it. Recited a healing affirmation three times for myself and Jan. Sat and meditated on the energy coming up from Mother Earth for a time. Gave thanks and closed the circle.

On my altar: Candle for Fire. Blue Kynite resting in a rock from the ocean for Earth. Incense for Air. Boiled cold water for Water. Totem in the middle to me represents Mother Earth and Father Heaven. My Book of Shadows. Music that was playing while at my Altar was from Medicine Crows CD "Spirit Journey."

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