Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hearing what nature has to say.

It has been a long time since I last wrote here on my blog. Lots of things have gotten in the way. Things that I allowed or gave permission to, to get me a bit off the Roaming path. Yet thinking about it, this is all part of Spiritual Roaming.

At the moment I am having to commute via train to the HQ of the company I work for. I am doing some training and it is easier to get there by train. This train trip follows a big river on one side and rain-forest type terrain on the other side. Lush green under growth and towering gum trees cling to rock faces. There are deep valleys thick with bush and trees. The track has been pushed through hills via long tunnels. Oyster plots and moored boats share the rivers gentle flow.

Late this afternoon, just before dusk, I am sitting reading and then pondering as this wonderful scene rushes past. My mind wanders to past events. Past events that have caused me great pain. I dwell on these. I think what would it be like to go back to some of these ways. All the time the dense forest is flashing past my gazing eyes. Snap I am brought back to reality by the sight of a very dark part of the forest just before a tunnel. This dark grove is pitch black. It is very deep shrouded with trees that form a canopy that light can not penetrate. The walls of the hill tower over this area and allow no light in there. I gasp as a thought comes to me. "This is what it was like at times for you. Very dark. Fear. No light to show you the way. Do you want this again in your life?" I shudder as I feel the emotions from the past. From the dark past. I have just been given a very important lesson from nature herself. She has used that dark part of the forest to teach me.

The train hurtles into the tunnel. I think about what has just happened. I know I do not ever want that darkness back in my life. Never want that pain again. This is the past. The train bursts out into the late afternoon light. Above the horizon in front of me is the full moon in all her glory. Another thought comes to mind as I drink in the beauty of the glowing full moon. "Forwards is the only way for you. Forwards is light and love just as the moon is lighting up the coming dark night. Your way is forwards to light not back to darkness." I smile as the train's track takes the vision of the moon away from me.

I thank mother nature for her important teachings. I thank Spirit for this teaching. The dark emotions that I had been toying with have fled back to the past where they belong.

Mother nature is a great teacher. Its a shame we don't sit at her feet of learning more often. She has so much wisdom to share with us each.

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