Thursday, January 15, 2015

Medicine Drum.

I am still on this journey. This roaming. As with most journeys there have been stop overs, side trips, long stretches and rest periods.

This post is about a medicine drum. Long story very short. Bumped into a Shaman friend. Medicine Crow. Did this twice in a very short time frame. He suggested I come see him and we start me getting serious about Shamans.

Today, with Crows guidance, I honored the horned one. A Deer. His hide was used by me to make my own medicine drum. I am forever grateful to my horned brother.

This making of this drum is still sinking in. I have come away from this different. A far deeper understanding of myself is setting in. A deeper yearning to to make this roaming more meaningful.

The medicine from this drum is very far reaching. I see it bringing much healing to myself and many others.

Thank you Brother Crow.

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